Why You Should Consider Poker as a Career

Poker is based on the strategy making, logic finding and mathematical calculations. It also requires a good grip on the psychology. So the Texas Holdem poker lovers consider this game of skill. In many States ad Union Territories in India, the poker game is regarded as gambling.

Poker offers technique, skill and monetary benefit. It is an emerging career option for business owners, players and government. India has made the inspiration of non-virtual card games like bridge, gin or three-card brag from Eastern and Western cultures.

Teenpatti is one of the popular British games- three-card brag. According to the report, India is one of the fastest growing online gambling markets in Asia. However, the card game is expected to grab a significant share of the Indian online gambling industry. Operators and players in India have already started pushing the government to legalize poker as a game of skill.

Many people are even adopting poker game as a profession. Career in poker can be exciting as well as challenging. It is a tough nut to crack, though not for everyone. So, you really need to think twice before taking it as a profession. Consider these 5 things:

Focus On What You Want

Be clear whether you want to make it a full time profession or as a fleeting job. It takes time to be a poker pro.

Time Management

You need to put specific hours to practice the game just like other profession. Always remember you are playing to spend quality time, to learn the game and not to exploit your bankroll.

Making Smart Moves

People who want to make a living out of poker, they need to think carefully before choosing it as a career option. So, you need to have a proper plan to begin with. First, start with low risk like other profession by playing low-limit games. then climb the ladder when you learn the techniques and strategies of the game.

Coping with Stress

Poker is a game of high stress and isolation.  It needs a dedication for the game, a lot of patience, positive energy and willingness to take risks. There may not be a guaranteed paycheck every month.  So, if you can cope with stress, you can consider poker as a career option.


It is important to have a comfortable bankroll that includes living expenses with a separate poker bankroll. In order to have a proven track record, you should keep a record of stats of the game play. You can also share poker sessions with your friends to have a better understanding of the shortcomings.

Studies show that if you can develop certain skills, it can also help you in corporate world. So, if you love thrilling game and want to make little cash on the side as well, what better way to do it than by playing free poker games.

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