Why Poker Players Prefer to Play Cash Games

Real money poker

Playing a card game is not only fun but relaxing as well. The awesome background music, cool graphics, and uninterrupted gameplay kicks out the boredom and soothes your day. Poker cash games are the most thrilling form of playing poker. Playing online poker real money is the best way to earn a consistent income. The strategy is much more different compared to tournaments. The poker players can leave the table at any time or just sit for many hours and play. 

Many poker players ask one common question i.e. which is better- tournament poker or cash game poker? Honestly, each has its own merits and that is something both recreational and professional’s players accept. Let’s take a look at the reasons as to why most poker enthusiasts prefer cash games over tournaments. 

Flexible options

Cash games give you the freedom to choose your lifestyle. You are not bound by time so you can easily leave the table whenever you want to. Whether you want to sit for 12 hours or a 30-minute session, it is totally up to you. One more attractive thing about cash game poker is that it offers a lower buy-in than a low-stake tournament. The loss factor is much more controllable in cash games as you can leave the game if you feel that you are running bad. This is not an option in tournaments. 

More room for analysis

Cash games provide more room for analytical play. You don’t have to worry about pay jumps or blind level increases. You just need to focus on your deep stack post-flop game, read your opponents, and exploit them to amass more chips for you. 

Less swings

Do you know what makes cash games more attractive is they have fewer swings? It is also possible for a good tournament player to have a losing year, but is almost impossible in cash games for a good cash game player unless he puts too much volume in the game. 

Smaller bankroll requirement

If a hundred buy-ins are sufficient for a tournament, then 40 to 50 buy-ins are more than enough for a cash game. This is what the poker players believe. 

Variance is controllable

Variance is something that’s experienced by every poker player.  It refers to a statistical distribution of results over a period that fluctuates your bankroll or cash flow. In this factor, the cash game offers a bit of control. The best way to control variance is to move down in stakes. If you think you are running bad in the game, you can leave the table. On the other hand, the tournaments don’t offer this kind of flexibility.  

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