Why Players Wear Sunglass While Playing Poker

As the summer is approaching, it’s getting sunnier and sunnier. It means we need to protect the eyes from the harmful rays of sun. Some poker players even in the low-light poker rooms. Often they wear sunglasses as they want to hide eye tells and allow the player to discreetly observe other player’s tells. So let’s see how to play poker and why the players wear sunglasses.

Shielding the Eyes

Eyes are the windows to your soul. They can give a lot of information on your intentions, mood etc. In poker, one major way to outsmart the opponent is to recognize tells that would reveal the true strength of their hand. Some of the tells involve their eye movement. If you wear sunglasses, it means that your fellow players can’t tell if you are staring at them or not. It gives you time to observe each one of them and also gives you additional information about the game.

The illusion of Privacy and Confidence Boost

A pair of shaded frames creates the illusion of more privacy which is important to play your own game. It has nothing to do with confidence.  It’s about having the personal space that you need to focus better on your game. You can pretend that you are somewhere else and distance yourself from your fellow players. Do whatever make you feel comfortable.

Many poker players wear sunglasses for confidence boost.  They think that the pros cannot read their eyes easily as without the shades. As a result, your confidence level rises and you play better instead of focusing on your nerves the whole time.  It helps to create a sense of security, knowing your eyes are covered and the opponents cannot read the tells. There are some pro players who feel better when wearing shades. The increased level of comfort and confidence can level the playing field a little. For instance, if you are a good player but your poker face lets you down from time to time. So, mitigate the leak with a pair of shades and see if it makes any difference.

Looking cool

A pair of well-chosen sunglasses can also make you look cool. We all want to look cool, isn’t? It is especially at the live events where there are photographers present and obviously you cool shaded pic gets published on a site are quiet high.

The older you get, the less important the cool aspects gets. For some younger players, sunglasses are a fashion statement. Think of all the shades and frames colors available. There are also digital ones that can be fun as you can program these to display any text you want.

Cheating in Poker

Some players believe that sunglasses help to cheat easily, giving your opponents an unfair advantage. Like marking the cards with invisible ink and seeing them with sunglasses. Do you think it would work? The likelihood of some players trying this method is higher when shades are allowed. With all the advances in tech, some players think that cheating by counting cards with the help of wearable devices is going to go up.

Play Indian poker and bring your sunglasses next time you sit at the table.

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