Why Players Prefer Live Poker Rooms

Poker is not just about entertainment or a way to earn money. It is also an opportunity to take a break from your daily routine life for some time and do something which you are really passionate about. Why you play Texas Holdem poker? No doubt, every poker player must have faced this question at some point in his life. For some players, playing poker is just a hobby. Some consider the game as an opportunity to earn money, and some love the game just because of the thrill and adrenaline-rush involved in it. 

Playing poker is very simple nowadays due to the easy accessibility of online poker sites. You can play poker at your computers, smartphones and tablets by comfortably sitting at the convenience of your home or office anytime and anywhere. Still, players who are playing for years choose to play live over online playing. Some of the reasons to prefer live poker rooms than online playing are as follows:

Understand the Opponent

For some players, poker is all about getting face-to-face with the opponent to deduce his cards by reading body language and reactions. Understanding the opponent’s psychology is a must to determine the winning potential and possible outcome of the game. You can analyze players’ behaviour even in an online game by observing their playing pattern or researching about their history, but you cannot see their expressions of frustration or excitement when they are dealt with cards. Without that, it is difficult for some players to predict what cards other players are holding or call their bluff, which makes them unable to decide their next move or modify their gameplay. You cannot make eye contact online to intimidate or unnerve your opponent to lead him to make mistakes or read the “tilt” when they get bad beats.

Fame and Recognition

Like any other popular sport, winners of high stake live international tournaments are considered as “celebrities” in the poker world. Along with the great amount of money, these players earn recognition as champions i.e. WSOP winners get a bracelet with a hefty prize pool. Tournaments like WSOP and WPT are internationally celebrated poker events where players from around the world come to participate. By defeating highly-skilled players in a high stake live tournament, the winners gain the attention and great reputation in poker circuit. Online players are mostly anonymous and only recognized by their account’s name on the websites.


Poker is an international sport and playing in live rooms provides the opportunity to meet several like-minded people from across the globe who shares your passion and dedication for the game. You can interact with them, get information about trends and updates of the game, and discuss a well-played hand and bad beats. Sometimes bonding on a poker table leads to a lifelong friendship among players. Online poker also allows you to interact with other players but only through the chatbox.

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