Why Fitness Is Important To Win Poker

Often poker is confused for its status as a casino game. Is it a sport? The answer is yes. Poker may not involve any physical activity but still, it is considered as a sport. The poker players also have to possess perseverance power, high concentration level, decision-making ability and many more traits to play the game effectively. While playing cash games and tournaments, players have to sit down for long hours without much of physical movement and it affects health and the game. Hence, Texas Holdem poker players should also follow a healthy routine to stay fit and active during the long sessions.


Poker is an indoor game. It doesn’t require any physical activity. This is the reason why the players think good health is not so important to win the game. But poor health can affect your game. For example, A and B are attending a bigger tournament that will run for four days. A played well on the first day but by the end of Day 2, A’s energy was exhausted and hit by poker fatigue which affected his performance level in the first half of the third day, and he couldn’t play further. But B with good health is still active, alert and prepared for further stages of a tourney. However, it is important to keep yourself in shape and follow a healthy diet routine.


The poker experts play continuously for 10-12 hours in high-stress situations. Less and unsound sleep may deter them from thinking smartly. Inadequate sleep results in low performance, relationship drags and mood swings. So the players should sleep 8 hours a day to repose their mind and body. They should avoid eye fatigue by refocusing the eyes recurrently by looking away from the cards or by covering them with palms for 10-15 seconds.

Stay hydrated

Drinking more water keeps the body running. Poker players should drink at least 10 glasses of water per day to stay hydrated. They should avoid drinking energy drinks, tea/coffee, sodas, etc. as they rich in sugar and affect the heart and blood sugar level. So they should adopt water as it provides an extra energy boost to stay awake and alert while playing poker all day long.

Eat better

The poker players should also focus on a healthy diet. While playing live poker or online poker, they should avoid eating junk food and opt for healthy food. They should eat pasta salad instead of hot-dogs. They should never miss out the important meals of the day. Moreover, they should have quick snacks, rich in fiber, between the meals to stay fresh, and eat food with Omega 3 fats to insulate the brain.

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