What You Should Choose- The Poker Face or Smiling Poker Face

The poker players meet a lot of people while playing poker tournaments or while trying out the cash games at live casinos. Among them, 80% of the people belong from the poker industry and 20% of them belong to the other sectors. Besides knowing how to play poker, you should know the types of poker players who get involved in the game.

The people who are new to this game usually ask a few questions like ‘do you bluff?’ or ‘do you have the poker face?’ Do you bluff? Yes, bluffing is one of the key parts in the game for professional poker players. However, the novice players are not well aware of the bluffing decisions. In the card game like poker, you should blend all the types of deceptions like bluffs, traps, slowplays, semi-bluffs, and semi-demi-bluffs.

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Now, we should discuss the poker face which all the players like to magnify. Here are some of the questions that come in mind of the player like- what is the poker face? Why does the poker player have one and how the bet is used?

To be successful in the poker game, the primary activity that most of the players should learn is to hide his on-the-spot reaction while playing the good as well as bad hands. For instance, the player is having As Ks on the board of Qs Js 2c  and 6d and then see that 10s have appeared on the river.

In these situations, he is having the royal flush but he should show such signs of joy to the opponents. He should prevent his opponents to identify his expression about the real hands that he has. Or else, the opponent will start to take advantage of the revealed information.

On the other hand, if you hit 2d instead of 10s on the board, then that poker player will face several problems in the game. In such situations, the expression of the player should not be the sad face displaying frown or grief. This clearly indicates that you are losing in the game and they will bet into you in the poker table.

Playing poker is different. In this game, you are not earning the money from the toughest players in the poker table, but you are playing for yourself. Your profits come when the opponents play worst. The novice and amateur players play the poker game just not for earning money, but they play the game as the hobby. You are playing the best game in the table but similarly, it is better that you choose the right opponents.

Never allow your opponents to identify signs of your current situation. Thus it is better to master your poker face. Remember that your poker face can bring a huge difference in the entire game. You should be playful instead of becoming too serious in the game.

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