What if Your favourite GoT Characters are Pokerists?

Are you a Game of Thrones fan and love watching every series of it? Well, now just think if your favourite character from the series was playing poker with you. Poker tournaments in India could not be more amazing with the characters that you watch over television.

The wait for Sunday and Game of Thrones being aired seems endless. Till then read this spoiler that can instantly lift up your mood and imaginations. The Game of Thrones character are more than capable of treachery, backstabbing and lying ruthlessly and here are some that we sorted from hundreds to suit the game needs:

Tyron Lannister:

Well, Lannister is the most adorable and lovable character of GoT, can be one of the most adroit poker players. Being an excellent manipulator, scheming and cunning, he can easily pave a path towards a strong finish. He can very easily outwit the opponents in a live poker gaming session; we can all imagine the short-statured Lannister trying to throw out the other players with his cunning smile and sneaky skill.

Daenerys Targaryen:

Noted through the series of GoT, this character is a strong judge and is capable of calling out bluffs with some sort of royalty in her behaviour. The opponents’ mindset is more likely to experience a set back with her associated characters. Drogon, Rhaegal and also Viserion who can scare the daylight out of the other players with their very presence. She can herself bluff representing an embodiment of coolness as aired by pro players.

Jon Snow:

While imagining Jon snow as the poker player we can easily picturize the fact that there is some intellect in him. He would constantly keep questioning the other players about the rules of the game thus annoying the others in the process. Therefore, you gasp You know nothing, Jon Snow!

Cersei Lannister:

Well, this female would threaten to leave the game when she learns about the incompetence of Jon Snow while playing the game. she is always after the fact that she needs to win no matter what and is possibly the shrewdest member at the table. She would cling to her cards furiously and challenge anyone who calls her bluffs and raise the stacks.

Margaery Tyrell and Arya Stark:

Well behind that sly and sweet smile lies the most ruthless player in Margaery, who acts vulnerable and benign. She would drive out her opponents with her own insidious mannerism and just finish off with the game winning it before anyone can even say “Growing strong”.

Arya might be the smallest but let that not fool you. Her lack of experience is made up mostly by the boldness, wit and perseverance. She can definitely be titled as – black horse at the game table.

So, next time you are watching the episodes of GoT, try comparing the players and their Poker Tournaments in India that can inspire you with the same. Follow us for more exciting blogs and thoughts! Let us know whether you like our idea?

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