Ways to Use Blind Stealing in Poker

Once you learn how to play poker online in India it is important to feel about your game. It helps to enhance your experience and develops the urge to win. If you have been into the game for a long time, you should have heard about blind stealing.  In the game, one can make a move with two hole cards and when the pot contains only two blinds. If you are in late position and the first one to act, you can raise on pre-flop to steal the blinds.  It is not odd instead it is one the best ways to play cost effective pre-flop poker. You care just making an open-raise from the small blind, button or cut-off. One player gets to steal blinds if others have folded and he is on the button. Here are some amazing ways to use blind stealing for your benefit:

Understand the Core

Blind stealing takes place in the first hand of blinds changing. So a player needs to look for such opportunities.  You should tend to create a tight but aggressive table image by showing good hands always and attempt bluffing with zero frequency.

Passive Big Blind

It is a dynamic game where a player can make moves as per the action rolling on the table.  As a poker player, you can take a stab at the passive big blind to earn profits. A passive player on big blind is treated as source of free money. You may have to concede the passive blinds if he has a position on you depending on how he bets to win the pots.  So you need to plan your moves according to the situation. For example, if you have a better position on the aggressive player, you should play at him regularly.

Study Your Opponents

 It is important to know your opponents on the table.  You may come across some players who will put you in a complicated situation by re-raising   the blind steal attempts. Be cautious and make planned moves when sitting to their right. While you will find the players who will fold   cards to a raise and respect their decision if they call on the flop.  You may hit a worse hand on the flop but can still improve the stealing range against these players.

Fix the Game if Caught

During the game, the opponents sitting on the table will note down your playing style.  If you are caught blind stealing, it ca affect the tight table or fold equity image.  In these cases, you can turn a loose table image in your favor by playing superior hands like KK or QQ especially against loose opponents.

Know When to Give Up

It is the toughest part when blind stealing in Texas Holdem poker. If the action on the table continues till the turn of Fourth Street, then you should focus to play poker online instead of blind stealing.  If you have the benefit of position, you should give up the hand if the other player shows the sign of aggression.

Blind stealing is effective for small pot poker game. A player should avoid the chips and should moderate the blind stealing attempts if there are calling stations on the table. The correct way to play blind stealing is to take advantage of average player’s inability to adapt to increasing blinds while maintaining the aggression.

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