Various Terms to Know Before Playing Poker Online Games

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Be Smart and Skilful While Playing Poker Online!

Every skilled game has its own set of rules and regulations to play. Similarly, poker has a long list of rules to consider. In this particular game, they add glamour to the entire process of playing poker online. If you have realized that you are lagging, here are some of the poker terms that will help you study this sport and help you play poker online free on various popular poker sites easily.


It is the one entire cycle of this poker game where one player sits at a dealer position. It is a standard measurement of a game’s length. An orbit is similar to the lap in racing games you find online.


The C-bet or the continuation bet is made by players who raise the pre-flop. By placing the bet, they can continue trying to target their goal to win the pot or jackpot.

Hole Cards

In the Poker online games, hole cards are the poker terms that refer to playing cards dealt with each poker player on the table that is face down. Every player has to deal with two hole cards in various poker-related games like Texas Holdem Poker. On the other hand, in Omaha poker, the player has to deal with 4-5 hole cards.

Slow Playing

It is one of the most famous poker terms, and it is a deceptive poker strategy where the player chooses to play poker passively or bet in a weak manner having strong holdings. This strategy aims to build a pot and attract the players into the game who otherwise can call a raise in the long run.


It is the highest possible straightway a player can hit the game. The term “Broadway” is taken from the famous Broadway in Manhattan, NYC. A poker hand is given this name, keeping in mind the high-end building sprawled throughout the Manhattan Skyline. For instance, For example, A-K-Q-J-10 non-specific.

Flat Call

When you are playing online poker, the flat call is the procedure used when the player is slow-playing. A Flat call or a smooth call is calling a bet while having an average hand with which other players will surely like to raise.

Pot Odds

It is the ratio between the pot’s current sizes and the contemplated call cost. It is often compared to winning a poker hand with future cards to estimate the call’s expected value.

Hachem Syndrome

Hachem Syndrome is a condition given to the players who have recently come to the headlines for playing at the World Series of Poker and developed an unwanted sense.

Dark Tunnel Bluff

It was previously considered the fancy poker term, is the repetition of the continuation bet or C-bet on the multiple streets like a flop, pre-flop, turn, and river as you can keep on betting. However, you are not doing it intentionally; you are trying to bluff having below-average hands.

Now, you have become a smart poker player, and it is time to try your luck.

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