Understanding Bluff in Online Poker

Bluffing is an advanced online poker strategy that many players tend to use. If you want to make cash with a strong or mediocre hand, then you should know how and when to induce your opponents to bluff. It is a strategy that should be considered after you have gained a good command over the game and comfortable using strategies to win. The strategy not only helps you to win the game but will also increase your gains when you have a good hand and are sure that you are going to win. 

How to Induce Bluffs in Poker? 

One of the major reasons to induce bluff is to make the weaker player believe that you have a weak hand and they have a chance to win. Two ways to trick the payers into believing you have a weak hand:

  • Bet Small

Make small bets especially if you are in heads up situation. When you make a big raise in Hold’em, it can tip off the other players and make them fold rather than raising. So, if you increase your bets reasonably or make small bets, the other players won’t have much to guess about. The weaker players may get tempted and get aggressive and bluff and you can use that as your advantage. But, it should be done only when you have a good hand and not a mediocre hand. 

  • Check or Call

Another way to encourage the weaker players to bluff is by checking or calling and not by raising. If you call or check without hint of your cards, other players might think that you have a weak hand. So, they will start betting more even if they don’t have a strong hand. Use this trick when you have a strong hand. In this way the risk of losing will be lot lesser when some player uses the flop cards to make a real hand. 

When to Induce a Bluff?

  • Preflop

The best time to induce a bluff is before the flop. This is only if you have a strong hand and in a late position. In this case, raising a bit will make the other players think that you have a mediocre or weaker hand and you are trying to steal blinds. If your opponent raise, then you can check raise at the flop. 

  • Check On River 

It can be a great way to induce a bluff from a player if you think he has missed a draw. If you think that your opponent is on the draw, but couldn’t complete the hand on river, then you should check rather than bet. If a player missed a draw and place a value bet, you would lead him to fold rather than continue. If you check on the river, you can encourage the other player to bluff his way to the pot.  It gives you a good chance to make a profit. 

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