Top Traits to Become a Poker Shark

Poker sharks are at the top of the food chain when it’s about players’ skill levels. Let’s see why this type of players is so hard to beat. Often the skill level of poker game online players is compared to sea life. At the top of the chain, you have the sharks. They are one of the best players and long term winners of the game. Then you have fish and they are the losers who are often preyed upon by sharks. If you wanted to take things one step further, you have whales and they are just larger scale versions of fish.

If you are wondering how can you put yourself on the top of food chain, be the one of the most feared players at the table. Here is a list of top 5 poker shark traits.

Sharks Play Balanced Style

They will bet with a combination of bluffs and value Texas Holdem poker hands when they bet. These players become difficult to play against as you never know if they have the goods or not. They are also able to check a range of hands that’s made up of a varying degree of different strength holdings. It ensures whatever betting line they take; they have strong hands present in each part of their range.

Sharks Adopt Well

Poker sharks can adopt to any changes in their surroundings. For example, if the table is playing tight, they will adjust accordingly to take advantage. If it is loose, they will tighten up and just wait for the right time to strike. If someone goes on tilt, the sharks will know how to adjust properly to exploit the player more and maximize their own edge. Sharks will always be re-valuating their opponents, table dynamics and the overall game and then changing their game to counteract the factors effectively.

Sharks Take Notes On Other Player’s Tendencies

There is an old saying that play the poker. your opponents are going to have exploitable tendencies and significant flaws that you can capitalize on. So, it is important to keep nots on them so the next time you play, you will know what you will need to maximize your edge and profits against them.

Sharks Are Aggressive

Aggressive players have two ways of winning:

  • They can have the best hand at showdown
  • They can make their opponents fold

On the other hand, the passive players can win only pots when they have the best hand at showdown. So, by playing aggressive, sharks have a concept of fold equity to their game. It not only allows them to win more pots that don’t go to showdown but also allows them to put their opponents in tough spots and always keep them guessing.

Sharks Have Control Over Their Emotions

Many players are losing ones as their inability to manage effectively their feelings at the table when they have suffered a loss or a bad beat. On the other hand, sharks are able to keep a handle of themselves through the worst of it and can play optimally and stay on the lookout for taking +EV spots.

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