Top Mistakes by Live Poker Players

Many poker players get to know how to play poker and get a grip with the basic strategy and rules after a stretch playing online. So they decide to venture out into live play and head down to their card room or local casino. Live play offers a greater experience where you can just sit with other players and attempt to hold your nerve as your opponents can stare you down looking for tells.

Online poker does a lot in the way of preparing you for live play but still there are some areas that online poker cannot recreate. So, to save you from making errors in first live sessions, here’s top mistakes that online to live players frequently make when they are at the live poker tables.

String Betting

String betting is when the player makes a bet and moves back and forth from their chip stack to the pot to complete the bet. For instance, if you intend to make $30 bet and move three $10 stacks into the pot one at a time, then it is known as string bet.  It can cause problems during live play as a player that acts after you may think that when you move $10 stack into the pot, that it is the only bet you are making. This betting is frowned upon in the live play. So it’s better to avoid confusion and announce the size of the bet before moving your chips or move your chips into the center in one motion.

Reacting to Cards

When you are playing online, no one can see you smile when you are dealt with pocket aces or see you shake your head if you miss your draw. While in live play, your emotions are open at the table so try to keep calm when you are looking at the cards as they come out. For example, if you show you are disinterested in the hand then you just leave yourself open to bluffs from other players when you may have the best hand at the time. So, don’t give information through your emotions and look at your opponents as the flop is dealt and not at the cards. In this way you can see how your opponent reacts and can steady yourself before looking down at what has come out.

Not Keeping Track of Pot Size

In online, the software will display the size of the pot and the bets at every stage of each hand. This feature is not available in live play as you need to keep an eye on the size of the pot. You can ask the dealer to add up the chips in the pot, but you should ask to do this in key situations only. As asking the dealer frequently to count up the chips is time consuming and will slow down play.

Hopefully this blog has given an insight into what you should look for when you start playing poker in card rooms and casinos. Obviously, you are not going to get shot for making mistakes at the poker table, but it’s always good to know how to play poker card like a pro and have knowledge about poker etiquette.

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