Top 3 Tips on Poker Bluffing

Bluffing is an art and science. It may take years before you reach the WSOP level of bluffing.  It doesn’t mean you can’t pick few tricks or tips that will help you sweep your opponents or the table at a casino. Keep these few things in mind when you sit to play poker online the next time.

Don’t Always have to Bluff

Bluffing is an option. You don’t have to bluff all the time. You should fold periodically with bad hands. It will leave others believing that you are not too keen on taking risks. Albeit stated that you should bluff one in three or one in four bad hands. If a player raise too often, others will pick up that it is statistically improbable to always have the strongest hand. They will call once and might end up being a costly lesson. Remember that you won’t be able to utilize bluffing for the rest of the game. So be patient and wait for your chance.  Bluff only when you think it will benefit you.

Bluff a Weaker Hand 

Bluffing doesn’t come down to make others fold due to a false belief that you have a stronger hand. A player can also go another way where you trick your opponent into betting as they believe they will win the pot.  This strategy is employed by the players as often. You downplay your hand and call or don’t raise the amount proportional to the hand’s strength. You might be thinking that they have seen through you; the opponents might be inclined to raise. Depending on the moves, you can call their raises or raise yourself.  After you reveal a full house when they are expecting a single pair, the bluff will be successful.

Don’t have to Succeed at Every Bluff

Its ok to lose with a bluff. As long as you don’t go all-in, it’s not the end of the world. The goal of bluffing isn’t to win every hand, it’s to win more than to lose in the long run. As long as you can make others fold, consider bluffing a success. Don’t look at each individual bluff, rather analyze them on a game basis and pinpoint what you can improve.

Losing a bluff opens up a different type of opportunity. Be confident they have caught you once, the opponents will be more inclined to call your future raises. So you won’t have to downplay your hand. Just bet when you are confident that your hand is the strongest and let them believe that you are trying to pull off the same bluff. Reveal your hand, claim the pot and leave them speechless.

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