Tips to Manage Your Poker Bankroll

Everyone knows how important it is to practice smart bankroll management to be a successful poker game online player. It might seem simple but even the experts find it difficult to find themselves struggling with their finances for a long period during their careers. Here are 4 strategies that are useful when it comes to bankroll management.

Separate Personal and Poker Finances

Treat poker as a business. The money you are using to play should be treated like company money. Avoid spending your poker bankroll. Don’t count on this to pay your bills. Be smart about how much you can reasonably commit to poker.

Play Within Your Bankroll

It seems tempting to jump into soft cash with some crazy action even if the stakes are higher compared to what you are bankrolled for to play. You may want to enter your dream tournament with millions in the prize pool even if the buy-in is high to be able to afford not cashing. If your bankroll can’t afford your losing, focus on sticking to the usual stakes.  You might go broke and won’t be playing any games at any stakes.

Avoid Desperate Moves

If you are facing variance, when the inevitable downswings hit you-don’t get rattled. Keep playing you’re A-game. Many times even the good players will go crazy and make bad plays due to tilt and money pressure. Don’t forget that variance doesn’t have memory. Losing doesn’t mean you will stop losing any time soon. Do not play a reckless style in any circumstances or in higher games to chase previous losses and stop variance.

Move Down in Stakes

You can move down limits without any shame. If losses have decreased the bankroll, you should move down stakes until you have enough funds to play higher again.

Keep Track of Your Sessions

If you know which game you perform better will help you to select what to play.  If you don’t keep a track of your game, noting your results in all games and all stakes, you make it difficult to know where you are profiting and where you are losing.

These tips related to the idea of practising discipline as it is the key to success in Texas Holdem poker hands.  There are also other ways to manage your bankroll including selling action. When playing hands at the tables, be smart and keep focused when it comes to bankroll decisions you make.

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