Tips to Keep in Mind to Play Texas Holdem Poker Like a Pro

If you are a fan of poker and learning to play the different variants of the game, Texas Holdem poker is a must. This is another interesting variety of Poker which has become very popular in recent times.

Texas Holdem is a community card game of poker.  The play in this variety of poker is focused not only on the cards as well as on the betting. It can also be played as a cash poker game as well as a poker tournament too. It can also be played live in casinos as well as in online poker too.

The rules of both the cash game as well as the tournament format are same in general but only have a few additions and twists. The cash game for Texas Holdem Poker is played with 2 to 10 players. The goal of the game is straight and it is to win as many chips possible and follow the policy of one pot at a time.

Chief Variants of Texas Holdem

  • Limit Texas Hold’em: In this format, there is a pre-decided betting limit set on every single round of betting.
  • No-Limit Texas Hold’em: It is possible for a player to bet for any amount they wish until all their chips are over.
  • Pot Limit Texas Hold’em: Here, the players can bet any amount they want to up to the pot size.
  • Mixed Texas Hold’em: Here, the game actually moves between rounds of Limit Hold’em and No-Limit Hold’em.

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Few Details to Keep in Mind While Playing Holdem Format

There are several online poker sites that have tutorials and free games to help you hone your skills. You can go through them for quick learning on the game. But if you want a few handy tips to rely on have a look at these tips:

  1. Blinds: There are two kinds of blinds in the Holdem format – a small blind and a big blind. These types of bets are forced needed to make sure there are chips existing in the pot for which players can play. This is because without any money left in the pot it is likely that the players might fold more frequently.
  2. Betting options for players: In the Holdem format, similar to the other forms of poker, the popular actions are the same. Depending on the actions taken by the previous player, there are options available for others. If no player makes a bet, then another player may either check or bet. If a player makes a bet, this subsequently leads other players to either fold or call or raise. If he makes a call, he makes a match to the amount bet by the previous player. Similarly, if he makes a raise he not only makes a match the bet of the previous player but also increases it.
  3. Final showdown: After all the players complete the river betting round, they can enter into the showdown. Only the top 5-card poker hand are able to win the pot at this point of the game.

In order to play the game effortlessly, look for an online poker site that offers free learning tutorials.

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