Things to Consider While Playing Poker in Bubble Stage

Often players change their style of playing depending on their stack.  It’s a do or die situation when you have to decide whether you are here to survive to take the prize or need to play actively to bust out other players. 

In a poker tournament, bubble is a point when the players are just about to make some cash. Many players change their tactic when bubble comes. So you need to adapt certain strategies. In other words, if the tournament pays out the top 25 players, when there are 26 players left, they are on the bubble. Unfortunately, that player knocked out in 26th which is said to be knocked out ‘on the bubble’. 

Many players change their style when bubble comes. Some tighten up their game to make sure they squeak into the cash and others play aggressively trying to get as much chips as possible. The different strategies of bubble play should be studied carefully. It will give you a greater chance of not only surviving it, but also increase your chance of scaling that prize ladder. 

This blog discusses some amazing ways that you need to consider when you are in bubble stage when you play poker online real money game. 

Short stack strategy

If you have short stack, it is a big disadvantage for you. It is because you can’t play a hand without running the risk of bubbling. Many short-stacked players will tighten up and only play the strongest hands. 

Before doing anything, you should ask yourself what the cash means to you. If you are there to win and cash doesn’t matter, play as you like.  But if making cash is you goal, then as it is said ‘tight is right’ is the best route for you. 

Big Stack Strategy

Big stack on the bubble gives you an excellent opportunity to pick up chips. With a big stack, raise liberally, but call sparingly. It means you should raise with a wide range of hands to pick up the antes and blinds when short stacks fold.

If any of those short stacks plays back at you, don’t call too loose. But if you have a quality hand, look them up. If you don’t have, just fold and move to the next one. 

Yes, it is true that being knocked out ‘on the bubble’ hurts, but it is important not to dwell negatively on the fact for too long. With a positive analysis of mistakes during the play, you can determine how the game could have been made differently. 

Don’t just assess your bad moves; you also need to look closely at the good ones. If you combine this knowledge and put it into action in the future, the buzz of the bubble will be yours in a positive way. Remember that when bubble ends it bursts and erupts like a volcano. So modify your strategy accordingly. 

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