Strategies to Play Poker Tournaments

Poker tournaments are a determining event that indicates how mature, prepared and expert a poker player you are. That’s why you need a solid strategy to make sure you keep it together while playing Texas Holdem poker hands.

Are your frustrated with the current success levels in poker? You need these poker strategies secrets.  No matter how many tournaments you have played, whether you are a new player who is trying to getting its feet wet or a seasoned player who has been playing for a quite a while. Like other players, you might be interested in learning new strategies that will make winning tournaments a lot easier. This is the reason you are going to love this blog.

Most of the poker players are playing tournaments in a wrong way.  They don’t grasp the main concepts that are vital for tournament success-the concepts that the real experts and top players teach. If you learn regularly you will get in touch with the strategies.

Respect and Tournament Strategies

Respect is one thing that is misunderstood often at the table. The beginners don’t even know about it; intermediates don’t believe it as the advanced players practically base their whole game around it. So who do you follow?

Respect comes in many forms but the important part is conveyed in the table image. The table image is how you present yourself to the table, what they think about you and how much respect that creates in the opponents’ minds. Imagine if all the players respected you highly as a tight player. The flop drops three hearts and you move all in. So will they believe that you have a flush? Are they going to want to even try to take you on? Just swap this with a beginner who goes all-in far too often with a wide range of hands.  The flop drops and he moves all-in. Do you think others are going to second guess him? Are they going to take a punt and see if they pull a runner-runner themselves?

Tight Image Poker Strategies

If you want to succeed in tournaments, you need to have a squeaky tight image. It means you play less cards, play optimal cards and don’t play out of position. Having a tight image is important to winning. When you have a tight image, the players play differently against you. They are likely to fold when you enter a pot.  They are likely to get scared if kings or aces drop on the flop. They respect you more.

The most important part of the puzzle is that you don’t always have to be squeaky tight to have the image. Initially, you will be and it is important you establish yourself, your rep, your respect and your image properly at the start of the tournament. You don’t have to be so snobby with your choice of cards when moving on so don’t just let anyone else know.

Just imagine what would it like be to be able to easily take pots, uncontested.  How would it feel to win blinds, antes and the like by entering the pots with a raise? Think how much money you can make without requiring the best cards or a good hand.

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