Skills You Should Learn to Play Poker

The growth of poker online games is proliferating at breakneck speed. Due to the amazing internet gaming ecosystem, the Smartphone revolution, the rise of direct foreign investment and entrepreneurs have blended well to create around 250 million gamers in India. The fun fact is around 50 million registered players are said to earn money through skill-based money earning games. Poker is an exciting skill game that has turned to be the most popular real money game and it’s dominating India in this era.  So let’s explore what skill set is required to earn real money with poker.

Poker is a card game in which a player bets that the value of his hand is greater than of the opponent’s hand by forming valid combinations and sequences. Skills required for poker game:

Aptitude for Math

The ability to calculate the probabilities quickly of what others might have in their hands.


A round of poker is not determined by the actual value of the hands but by the skill of the player to fox the opponent into believing so. When you start playing poker to earn real money, don’t forget the player with the best cards is not always the one walking away with money in this game.

Understanding Reward vs Risk

Life is all about taking risk vs. reward and poker felts test it is the best.  The poker players are on the edge constantly to make every decision count when handling those chips to earn real money.  It boils down to weighing out the odds of taking the risk to survive and win the game.


Be it studying the strategies and implementing it in the real-time to earn money or practising financial discipline to maintain the bankroll, poker is about constant hard work and discipline.

The amount you take home from poker depends on your skill level and selecting the right game.  There is a simple way of gauging for yourself which is called the win rate. If you just started to play poker online games for fun or to earn real money, initially you should concentrate on targeting a win rate anything above 0 in order to stay on the profitable end. Now that you know that stakes are involved in poker, take some note of these pointers and use your time wisely to earn money really quick  while seated in a cab or on metro ride back home.

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