Rules To Choose the Perfect Bet Size in Online Poker Games

Everyone knows that Texas Holdem is one of the most popular online poker games, and it is very easy to play. The tricky part associated with this game is to choose the right bet size. One player cannot be able to choose the single bet size depending upon the factors like the preflop action, board texture and the stack depth. If you are playing online poker real money, here are some of the tips or rules that you must keep in mind while you are playing the poker-

Rule 1- You Should Bet Lesser On Static Board

If you are talking about value bets, always remember that bets on the flop and turn will hold back to the opponents from their equity if they are folding. On the dry boards, withholding equity is not crucial as other players on the table will be having less equity against the value betting range. Furthermore, the calling ranges are inelastic on dry boards, and the opponent will fold to the bet regardless of the bet size. 

Rule 2- SPR Will Drive Bet Size

When you are playing the card games online, you should keep in mind the stack-to-pot ratio or the SPR ratio for picking the perfect online betting size. Then you can able to plan ahead in the poker game if you know the right size of the bet. This will also help you to work with the value hands and bluffs. Follow the rules- maintain the consistent bet size across the flop, turn and river for generating high fold equity. 

Rule 3- Bet Bigger On Dynamic Boards

When the range of value betting is exposed to the outdrawn, you should always increase the bet size. It will help you to extract more value and build a high stack pot when you are dealing with a strong hand. Having the bigger bet size will have more value before the turn or river, and you have fewer chances to lose the hold of the stronger hand to the bluff catcher. Furthermore, it will help in generating high fold equity, making the bluffs more effective overall. 

Rule 4- over betting with nut heads

When you are playing the poker online, you should overbet when you have the nut hands. As per Layman rule, you should overbet on the boards that favour your range over opponent’s range. You can also polarize the over betting range by putting all together with the stronger hands and bluffs. The larger bet size has higher returns with the value hands. 

These are 4 rules to keep in mind while you are choosing the right betting size. Choose the best bet size so that you can earn money on poker.

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