Six Offbeat Positions to Play the Online Poker Game

While you are playing the online poker, you should choose the best space to play this game to feel easy, comfortable and feel good like home. The right position is one of the best elements to consider when you are playing any online poker game as well as the poker tournaments in India.

The position induces the action in all the betting rounds. Here are some of the factors that make the combination of the best offbeat positions to play poker:

  1. The best tables to play the poker game are the ones that have six to eight people sitting together. Next time, when you are playing the online poker, better choose these tables with the sitting position of 6 to 8 people.
  2. The best time to play poker in India is between 6.30pm to 12 am. This time is suitable as the poker tables remain full of action and players and several fishes are swimming at the same time.
  3. Whether playing the online poker or you are taking part in the poker tournaments, the latter position is the best as compared to the earlier positions and the ‘button’ position is said to be the best one among all. The button is the position that is just between the ‘cut-off’ and the ‘small blind’ region. The player who is sitting in this position is the last one to bet and thus has control over the final pot sizes.
  4. When you are choosing the online poker game, you should choose the table that has at least 3 fishes and then you should choose the seat as it will help you to play the pots in the right position against all the weaker opponents. You can now identify the fish if the player is having the stack size of 40-80 big blinds on the particular table as the winning player will buy-in for about 100 big blinds.
  5. Good posture also helps you to position yourself in the poker game. So, be sure that the chair where you are sitting in the right size. The chair should be having the lumbar support with the adjustable backrest.
  6. When you are playing the online poker, you should keep few tables single to play depending on the conditions like- the pots present at the table in the recent history and the number of players who are waiting and the tables who are having the highest seen flop rates.

These are 6 off seat positions while playing the online poker game. These positions are appropriate for both online poker games and tournaments. If you know how to participate in a poker tournament, make extensive research.

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