Poker Strategies the Newbies Overlook

On a poker table, what is the most important factor which gives you an edge over your opponents other than your skillset and strength of your hand? This is not a secret anymore that you can take better decisions if you know how to play poker, get the opportunity to observe the opponent’s game-play and determine their hand strength. If you are in position, you can gather information about the opponent’s hand by seeing all the betting action before your turn and utilize this knowledge in choosing the best move.

What is Position?

Position in Texas Holdem Poker is the order in which players sit around the game table. It is so significant aspect of the game that it can completely change the outcome of the game, regardless of the quality of the hand. The dealer position changes clockwise after every hand on the table. Dealer button decides which player is going to act at which position in the betting round. The player at the button acts after everyone in all betting rounds after the flop. The cut-off is the player seating right to the dealer. Playing in position refers to the player who is the last one to act in a betting round.

Early Position 

Players left to the button start the action in all betting rounds. The player sitting immediate left to the big blind is called under the gun (UTG) and next to him is UTG+1. This position is considered the worst position to play in most situations as the players have to act before every other player on a betting round. Without any knowledge of opponents’ game-play, the players in this position have to decide whether to continue or fold his cards. As you have less information about others when you are on EP, you can play with premium hands only. Playing with weaker hands can put you into big trouble once the betting ensues.

Middle Position 

Players on this position act after the EP players. The benefit of playing at this position is the player can make an educated decision about his game-play after seeing the action of EP players. The disadvantage is there are still late position players going to make a bet after you, so you need to decide whether to play loose or tight. 

Late position 

The most advantageous position on the table is the late position. They have the opportunity to observe other players to have information about the strength of their hands and decide next move accordingly. It is easier to identify the weaker players on the table when you play in this position. As you have the edge in the game, you can play with any suited or connected pairs easily.

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