Poker Actions You Need To Learn

In this blog, we will focus on the actions you can take in a real money poker game. Many factors determine the moves basis hand strength, position, chip stack, opponents gameplay etc. Learning and knowledge behind each action according to different scenarios are what makes a good player get ahead.  After the hole cards are dealt and big blind been added in the pot, the players can take these actions:


Match the bet of the previous player. You can put the same amount as the opponent who bets the maximum before your turn. For example,  if a player bets Rs.100 and another player raises to Rs.300 then the third player also needs to call with Rs.300 to match the bet with the second player.


Raise when you increase the bet amount in the same betting round. You can put more cash than the opponents who acted before you. The players take this action when they want to create an impression that they have a strong hand. While raising, the players have to contribute an equal or higher amount to the pot to continue in the hand. If they want to put more cash in the pot, they can fold. It is a  strategic move to manipulate the thought process of the opponents and scare them off the table by showing they have a  better hand even if you are holding an average hand.


A player can surrender its cards anytime. If you feel that your hand is not strong to beat the competition. If you fold, you don’t have to pay the pot but if you lose the money that you contributed previously to the pot. You can again join the table once the hand finishes playing another hand.


Check is when you pass the action to the next player without putting in a bet. You can check if no one makes a bet before your turn in the round. By doing this, you imply that you want to stay in the hand without contributing any amount to the pot. If a player raises after you in the same round, then the action comes again to you and you need to call or raise the bet to remain in the hand.


Going All-in means to put your chips into the pot. You cannot take any action in the hand after betting all the chips. The others will have to match the same amount or fold. If you win, you can enjoy the chip raise but if you lose it can lead you limping or lose the real money poker online game. You can go all-in anytime.

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