Knowing about Possible Tells in Online Indian Poker will Increase Your Chance of Winning

Indian Poker

Tells have always been integral in playing poker. Despite the players trying their hardest to not show any sign on their faces, there are quirks which expose them. Every human being is bound to their inherent tendency to react to anything happening around them. Even after trying their hardest, certain ticks cannot be controlled entirely. Even after years of practice, your biological reaction will betray you one way or the other. Hence, knowing about tells of other players will help you while playing Indian poker.

Realizing something and discovering something as well 

Now, one comes to a very harrowing realization, especially if they are not habituated of playing poker online. In a live game, you get to see the players, observe them minutely and become aware of their various tells. You may have played with a few of the players at the table, which makes it easier to understand their reactions, even the little ones. The problem arises when you are playing online poker. If you are not a regular payer online, you may think that there aren’t any tells.

Paying attention will help you to learn more 

So, this is a surprising revelation that there are tells in every format or poker, even in the online version where you are not getting to see other players and opponents. This is a little trickier than regular, though, and you need to pay attention. So, here is a little tip, timing or bet-pacing is one of the most crucial tells in online poker. For instance, if someone called your preflop raise but ends up taking a lot of time, it can be surmised that they have a weak hand.

Becoming aware of some universal signs 

In the process of learning about tells, you will discover that there isn’t much difference between the live and online ones. In both situations, there will be some players who will grab chips aggressively to create an environment of intimidation by making it like they are ready to call any of your bets. A golden rule of poker playing is that strong means weak, especially in tells. People with big hands usually appear meek, and the same logic applies to online games too.

Some additional tells to know about 

For instance, if a player has been able to defend their big blind to a raise, they would try and slow down other players. They will fake tank before checking the flop. This is because they are hoping for a free turn card from a weak hand. A player behaving in this way will rarely call two quick bets on the flop and the turn without enjoying drastic improvement of their hand. In addition to this, there are other tells you need to know about, and they are:

  • If someone is taking a long time before shoving the river, it is most likely that they are bluffing. Bluffers tend to act quickly to appear strong, so they are not likely to timebank-bluff and try to scare others with their speed. If someone is acting opposite to this, you should be wary.
  • If a player is repeatedly calling raises quickly preflop, they are usually not raising or even thinking about it. Weaker players go for snap-calls while the experienced ones either re-raise or fold.
  • Pro players are often playing multiple tables, which will take them longer to act. If someone is playing more hands, then it is unlikely that they are playing multiple tables and are recreational most of the time.

Keeping these points in consideration will help you to play your hands better, which will increase your chances of winning the game.

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