Know About Various Poker Playing Styles- Which One Is Yours

The poker is said to be one of the most popular games played in these days. You can play this game both online and offline. However, the charm of traditional pokers lots is still in the market, but due to the convenience of online poker slots, people are choosing online mode. While playing poker, you will see that each one of the players has their own style to play the game. No two players in poker have a similar type of game ethics and strategies. Here are some of the styles that every poker player has-

The Loose Passive Style

It is also called the calling station style. This type of player plays a large number of hands and calls for most of the time, no matter what types of cards you are having. These players want to stay involved in each hand they are playing, even though they have the starting hand in the trash. For most of the players, it is not easy to bluff the calling station of loosing passive as they rarely bet or raise the card. If you are playing poker and you belong to this category, then you are lucky as people cannot play with this style of people. If you want to know how to play poker and how about the various styles, you should check out the blogs online available. 

The Loose Aggressive Style

This poker playing style can bet or raise the bet in an aggressive manner. They generally take risks and enter the pot with any starting hands. They are said to be one of the most unpredictable players available at the table. Playing in this style is not too good as most of the times, this player is aggressive and makes a bet unpredictably.

Tight Passive Style

It is said to be the tight passive or the rock style of playing poker. These players take their own sweet time to decide when they want to make the moves. They mainly play with the premium hands; they even bet and raise the cards rarely and also check for most of the time. These players seldom take risks and occasionally prefer avoiding difficulties. 

Tight Aggressive Style

These poker players are selective in nature, and they fold around 80% of their hands pre-flop. These players rarely call, but they generally bet or raise the heavily when they have the strong starting hands. If you have the weak or average hand, it is better to fold against these poker players. 

These are some of the styles of poker players you will generally see. For more information, you can check the online blogs available.

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