Interesting Poker Superstitions Players Follow

Superstitions exist in every culture. It may seem surprising that superstitions also exist in the poker world. When playing online poker the skill players do rely on poker superstitions. Here are some interesting superstitions followed by poker players:

Many poker players wear red color while playing poker as it is predominantly recognized as the color of good luck. If someone wear dirty clothes while playing poker it indicates bad luck.

There can be impact on a player’s luck if he discards four of clubs or spits on his cards or deny his opponents for lay their feet on his chair.

If you sit with cross leg while playing, it may bring you bad luck.

If you have visited a casino, then you must have observed that many players throw candies on the floor to distract bad luck. You will also find players visiting the casino in fancy dress or sometimes with dolls dressed up like casino dealers.

Did you know many casinos are constructed keeping in mind the superstitious beliefs followed by the poker players? In 1998, the most enduring landmark of Las Vegas – MGM Grand Hotel & Casino went for a makeover and changed the entrance of the casino into a lion’s mouth. But later the hotel authorities had to change the entrance as players believed that entering through a lion’s mouth brings bad luck.

If a player runs an all-in against a draw, his draw will be a hit. This doesn’t work always and at times players regret the loss rather than winning.

If a poker player is dealt AA as hole cards or hits a pair and wins at the showdown, then he would be dealt with it again in the next hand. The players who follow this superstition have lost a lot of games. 

Many players believe that when they played pocket aces, they have lost money than winning in the long run. This superstition stands groundless, and if you have been failing to make money playing pocket aces in poker, then you should get your fundamentals right and study the poker game all over. Don’t forget that pocket aces are profitable and the best hole cards in the game.

It is an incident that happened in 1988 when Johnny Chan won the main event of the World Series of Poker. During the event, Johnny Chan used to smell an orange to combat the smoky odor found in casinos. He believes orange is his lucky charm, and when he plays his quintessential symbol of luck is always there with him.

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