Important Concepts about Poker Tournaments in India

Do you want to play poker hands but don’t know how to start? Playing poker tournaments in India simply can be easy, fun and engaging. There is an amount of entry fee which the player has to give before entering the tournament. After you buy the ticket, you are all set to win big. This blog will make you understand all about poker tournaments.

Tournaments start with each player getting a specific amount of chips to play. The game has simple rules like if you lose your chips, you will be not able to continue playing the game.  The player who will survive till the end becomes the winner and gets the largest share of the prize pool. The good news is as per your finishing position if you one of the top players, you will get a portion of the total pot. Here you can take a look of a few important concepts:

Buy-in & guarantee

The player needs to pay a specific amount to the host to enter and play the game.  This process of entering the tournament by paying an entry fee is known as buy-in. When you are playing a tournament, there is a guaranteed prize which means there is a guaranteed amount of prize pool. It helps to bring more players to join the table.

Late registration

The tournament has started and you have not registered yet.  Don’t worry. You can opt for late registration. There is a time during which a player can enter the tournament. For instance, if the late registration period is one hour, you can enter the tournament within that time period. If this period is over, you cannot enter the tournament.


As the tournament progresses, the blind raise steadily and antes are added eventually. Ante is the compulsory bet that each player has to place in the pot. The buy-ins are collected from the participants are used to form the total prize pool of the tournament.


The player needs to manage the bankroll carefully than cash games when you play tournaments. The bankroll should be around 40 to 50 buy-ins for offline and 100 buy-ins for online tournaments.


If you are losing your chips, don’t worry. You can re-buy them.  It allows you to buy back chips when the chip stack goes below a threshold.  The cost and other factors related to re-buys may vary. You can opt for this feature for a limited period at the beginning of the poker tournaments in India 2020. You can re-buy the chips up to the original level of your chip stack.

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