How You Should Play Against Different Types of Poker Players

Poker is a dynamic game where you come across different players. If you play poker online games, trying playing live game to get better insight about the opponents you come across at the poker table. If you are an amateur, you may feel intimidated seeing players wearing hats, mesmerizing clothes and sunglasses but it’s their game style that makes the difference. So you need to focus on their behavioral and playing traits to know what type of poker player they are actually. Here are different types of players and how you should play against them.

Super Tight

The players in this category is the one that play kings and aces. Sometimes these players fold AK to an open raise.  You can identify these players easily on live poker table as they seldom get involved in any pots. If they get involved, you need to shield yourself as they have strongest hand on the table. The tight players are the disciplined players. They might fold most of the hands and do make money playing and winning few hands. In order to beat a super tight, you should make pre-flop raises. You should continue to bet even if called by these players as they end up transforming into calling stations.


This is the broadcast category of live poker players that encompasses all the bad players. The example of bad players includes loose, wild and calling stations. Poker game may not be fun if these kind of players are not present. So beware of them as they cost a lot of money but in the end you will benefit greatly from their presence. Their playing style will depend on their situation. While playing against these players, get involve in pots carefully.  You should bet with small amounts to hit the flop and win a whopping pot.  It reduces the risk involved when playing against the players who rarely fold.  So play smartly and place strong value bets to knock out aggressive and loose players.


This is the most extreme category of live poker players. These players bestow themselves as good at poker and will find in large numbers in a live poker room or casino. These players bring poker action on the table and can wreak havoc on your win rate. Avoid challenging their skills unless you are a better player yourself.  You need to be confident on your own abilities to beat the good players as they only beat strong and winning layers.  As they know more of poker strategies and tactics, you have to think some uncommon tricks to beat them.

So, when you play poker online games for fun or in a casino to play card games, observe the opponents and try to analyze what type of players they actually are.

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