How You Can Succeed in the Sit and Go Poker Tournaments

Though the name of Sit and Go tournaments was not popular in the last few years, now they have become quite popular among all the online poker players worldwide. In most of the times, the poker players lack in their confidence level to compete among thousands of online players. This is the reason why most of the players do not want to take part in the poker tournaments, and they prefer playing the Sit and Go tournaments which are faster and help them to earn more money online. If you want to play Sit and Go poker tournaments in India, here are some of the points that you must keep in mind-

In the Early Rounds, Fold All The Weaker Hands

In the first rounds of the Sit and Go tournament, it is very important to play tight. Make sure to fold all the weaker hands and play with the big hands strongly. If you want to pick something like the A-A, K-K, A-Q or A-K, then you should not make the mistake of pre-flop the small raises. Keep in mind if you want to narrow the field; do not make your bets so small so that the people who are having weak hands can chase you. Always make use of the best hands.

Remember that the top pairs do not mean to always rise. If you do not hit the flop with strong hands, it is okay that you let them go as you have not invested much money in the pot and hence you have chances to get out of the hand. Another reason why you will play the connectors is that it only costs a small percentage of the stacks if you do not hit the pair.

In the Middle Phase, Change The Game

In the middle rounds of the sit and go tournaments, the blinds can go up, and hence the poker players require changing the pace of the game. In this stage, it is very important to know that playing with the suited connectors or weaker hands can be risky. Keep in mind that if the chip stacks are above the average, waits for the premium hands.

In the Late Rounds, Play Aggressively

In this stage, the blinds are mainly very high, and players who are below the average stacks are at higher risks. During this stage, be careful to play against the big stacked players. Do not play against the big stacks unless you have the big hands to beat them.

These are some of the ways by which you can win the Sit and Go tournaments. Want to have skills or information, check poker blogs online.

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