How You Can Increase Your Mental Toughness in Poker

Have you wondered why you can well one day and bad the next day? Many players feel like they are on a performance roller coaster where one minute they are on top and the next day on the bottom. Every seasoned player knows how to play poker, there is a lot of variance and poker is a game of long haul.  Being able to deal mentally with ups and downs is one of the hallmarks of a great player. All pro players exhibit something called mental toughness.

Mental toughness is the ability to play your best in any situation. It becomes important when you are facing problems, adversity, obstacles or failure either at the table or in personal life.  Having mental toughness allows you to play consistently that may arise at the table.

If mental toughness is low, you are likely to play poorly. If it is high, playing well is almost certain. Your goal is to create a mentally tough mindset that helps you to perform consistently no matter what challenges you face.

Mental toughness is not something with which we are born.  It is something that we can develop. By practicing and exhibiting the traits, it can increase mental toughness. Mental poker players are:

Realistically Positive

Mentally tough poker players can keep an optimistic attitude and still being realistic about needs to be improved upon.


The mentally strong players are self-directed and pushes themselves towards success.  He doesn’t have to be forced to work at his game.  He loves his game and also enjoy it.  When faced with adversity, he is motivated to do whatever it takes to win.


You should have a strong will to succeed in the game.  Be relentless in pursuit of your goals and refuse to give up. Take setbacks in stride and be determined to learn from your mistakes.

Emotionally Controlled

The pro players are in control of their emotions. If you have poor control, it leads to poor decision making. Frustration, anger, and fear should be controlled or they will end controlling you.


To become a great player, you should be able to have long periods of intense concentration. Tune into what is vital when letting go of what isn’t is a sign of mental toughness.

Calm Under Pressure

Don’t avoid situations under pressure. See them as challenges to be conquered. If the odds are against you, keep you calm and see it as an opportunity to show what you are capable of.

Not Making Excuses

In order to be a truly dominant force in the game, you should refuse to make excuses. The mentally tough players take full responsibility for his play and any mistakes made. The player knows that by taking this attitude, he can control his destiny.


If a player wants to increase his mental toughness, then he should work on his self-confidence.  A self- confident player has a strong belief and his ability to perform well. He doesn’t fall victim to self-defeating thoughts.

Being mentally tough is really difficult.  It first need to know how to play poker card, a bit of mental training and work on your part. After you understand that your opponent is you, you can begin the process of developing your mental toughness.

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