How to Reduce Your Stress Level After a Poker Session

Poker is a psychological game. It requires confidence, mindfulness and focus. Regardless of whether you are playing online or offline poker, challenging situations like bad behavior of fellow players or downswings can make you feel an enormous array of least pleasant emotions i.e. anger, frustration, or sadness which you cannot ignore. If a player is stressed, he can feel grumpy and irritated and find himself unable to concentrate in the game. These feelings can cause depression and negatively affect a poker player’s performance on the game table.

If your brain feels tired after an intense Indian poker playing session, you need to take a break to mentally prepare yourself for the next session. Here are some simple techniques which can help you take the strain off your mind and improve your mood:

Play Your Favorite Song

If you are exhausted, immerse yourself in the world of music for some time. Create a playlist of your favorite songs and play it whenever you feel down. Music is one of the most potent stress relievers which improves calmness, eases anxiety, and increases concentration.

Make notes

If you cannot help but dwell on how you failed to call a bluff or how a calculation mistake made you lose your precious chips, write your thoughts down on a piece of paper. It can be about the last hand you played, the bad beats, the opponents you played with, or the things that distracted you during the game. Writing notes helps you keeping track of things as well as make you aware of the thoughts which are disturbing you. You can review these stressful situations to find out the best way to deal with these issues in the future.

Talk to Someone

Talking to someone will definitely help you feel better. Speak with a friend or a colleague about anything other than the game which lifts your mood for ex.- movies, music, politics, cooking etc. Even just a few minutes chitchat can work wonders and take your mind off the stressors.

Engage Yourself in a Physical Activity

Going for a walk, exercise, playing some physical game with friends, etc is the simple ways to take a break from stress as these activities help you concentrate in the present on your body movements and give little time to the brain to wander. Physical activities also relax muscles and take your mind off your worries.

Develop a Hobby

Get off from the poker table for some time and play a musical instrument, read a book, cook your favorite dish, watch a comedy movie, or go to a spa. A good hobby helps you combat stress and attain mental peace.

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