How to Read Your Opponents at the Poker Table

If you can read other players in poker it means you have information about other players which helps to win many pots. Make sure to keep your ears and eyes open all the time to get online poker coupons. Having bad cards doesn’t mean you are out of the hand as you can bluff players after a big raise from others. Follow these steps and improve your ability to read your opponents and make good decisions:

Categorize Your Opponents

There is no short-cut to hand reading; the categorization of players at the table can help you a lot. Find out how tight or loose they are or how passive or aggressive they are at the table. Check if they are constantly betting and raising, or checking and calling. It will help you make better decisions and win more hands.

Consider Betting Patterns & Position

The poker player should know what your opponents are doing. Make sure you take notes on betting patterns. Check if they limp marginal hands and raise strong hands? Do they semi-bluff or bluff several times? How do they play their big hands? These answers will help you to make decisions and will make you win at the table.

Have Evidence 

Before killing a hand make sure you have evidence. If a player checks or delays its move after the opponent has checked, then it shows weakness. While a delay followed by a bet it clearly indicates strength. If someone bets big on the river card by a tight player after thinking, it is a sign of an excellent hand. Loose-aggressive players should be handled with a bit cautious, as they are likely to often make the same moves to scare off their opponents at the table.

Keep Your Ears Open 

If you keep your ears open amidst the tinkling of chips and loud music, you will be able to hear something else, which is often a sigh or a slight sound of disappointment. This tell means your opponent has a strong hand and is trying to indicate otherwise. He might go the extra mile, saying “bet” or “call” sadly. So, always keep your ears open to avoid being trapped.

Poker tells indicate that a player has a strong hand and it may include shaking hand, full relaxed speech, eyes open and not blinking, nose flaring, rapid breathing, glancing at chip stacks, impatient & wants to bet, etc. Some tells also show a weak hand that include a fake smile, nail-biting, hand over eyes, eyes blinking, lip biting, breathing through the mouth, holding breath, broken speech, etc.

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