How to Play the Ace-King in the Texas Holdem Poker Game

The Texas Holdem Poker is one of the most popular variants of the poker game. This type of poker game is played in all the poker tournaments. Every player who is playing this game should be trained with the starting hands of Texas Holdem. All the players should make use of the Texas Holdem poker hands in the right manner.

The Ace-King is the highest starting hands in the game and it is said to be the best among all. Almost all the time, the poker player should deal with the Ace-King as the hole cards. Playing the Ace-King is not as easy as you think. There are various ways to play this hand in the right way. Here are some of the popular tips to play the Ace-King-

  1. The Ace-King is worth playing as it mainly dominates the typical hands like the AQ and AJ
  2. The player should raise the pre-flop while holding the Ace-King. However, you should call off if the opponent makes the bigger raise from the earlier position.
  3. When the flop falls on the board, the player should review the cards and then analyze the gameplay in the right manner. It is better not to presume that you are having the best cards in your hands.
  4. It is better to observe and study the behavior of the opponent that will help you in playing safe in the situation. For example, if you are having the Ace-King and has raised the pre-flop, your opponent can call you during the pre-flop and the flop dealt takes place is about 9-8-2. There is a huge possibility that your opponent has a good hand but with such type of flop, you can miss the chance to win the hand as long as the opponent hits the pocket pair with the 9s, 8s and the 2s.
  5. In the case when you are hitting the flop, you should bet on the turn until your value is raised by the opponent or the board hits the straight or flush.
  6. The Ace-King is perfect for losing the games as in the tight games, the players are not able to chase the draws and then play the hands to beat the top pair. When you are holding the bigger chip stack, then the pre-flop will be raised can it can help you in controlling the pot and also identify the opponents to hold the pocket aces or the pocket kings in the better way.

The term “poker” comes from the German word “pochen” which means to knock. There are lots of evidence regarding the origin of this game. But, from the name, it is clear that this game was originated from Texas, one of the most popular places for gambling. The game was first introduced in Dallas, Texas in the year 1925. In the earlier days, this game was only popular among adults but not this game is popular among people of all ages. Even various online sites offer this game for the gamblers to play.

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