How to Play Poker Against Beginners

It is important to know that in any poker session, you should make decision-based on expected value. In poker, you can get unlucky sometimes against a beginner as they are not playing correctly and it can be really frustrating.  When you are playing with poker deposit offers against an inexperienced player who makes mistakes, in the long run, you will make more profits.

Beginners’ tendencies

The new players have easy tendencies to recognize that you can capitalize on. For this, you need to identify such tendencies by using information from other lessons on Poker Dangal. We will provide effective strategies that you can use against the players and get major profits.

Beginners who play too many hands

These players are easy to spot. They will limp into pots and call raise to see the flop. Calling a re-raise out of position with a hand like A-rag or K-J is commonplace. Depending on they are folding or calling station, they are different ways to play them pre-flop.

  • Capable of folding- If you are in position, raise with a wide range of hands and bet the flop if they call pre-flop and check to you. If the player calls, usually they have a piece or draw and you can slow down depending on your hand.
  • Calling station- Consider limping behind pre-flop with hands you can raise other players to keep the pot small as you shouldn’t be bluffing them pre-flop.
  • Open the range of hands that you would put someone on. As they are new players, you can’t assume that are playing a standard hand always for the situation.

Beginner who gets committed

The newbies tend to be calling stations and tale sheriffs so look for those players to call bets with easily beaten hands.

  • Never bluff a calling station- they will pay you off when you have a hand
  • If you have a strong hand, don’t slow play. Bet carefully as much you think the other player will call.
  • If they raise ever, beware of it. Usually, they have a strong hand so play it It occurs when they have sucked out to hit two pair.

Beginner who chases

The newbie players who like to chase can be identified easily. They will call bets on draws consistently on draws without getting proper odds. They will chase over cards and Ace high and will quickly call on a draw.

  • Charge them to draw as much as you think they will call. Don’t bet only to protect the hand. They will miss the draw more than they will make it. So make them pay for it.
  • Tread carefully if a straight or flush draw hits.
  • If they chase and make a big river when a draw misses. So consider making the call if you have a decent hand.

The next time you are playing against a beginner, observe their actions. You can also play for fun, just to practice your game. It shouldn’t be difficult to read them as we have shown that beginners are easy to recognize. They won’t be making advanced plays on you and what you see is what you get.

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