How to Play Against Bad Poker Players

We all have been in a situation where we find ourselves playing poker with opponents whom we consider to be bad at the game. The increase in poker popularity has led to the increase in bad players as well. This is a good thing for a seasoned professional. New poker players are untalented, undisciplined and they lack fundamentals that it takes to succeed in poker tournaments in India. You don’t have to be tricky to get them to commit all of their chips. Here are some of the methods for all the poker lovers that will help you out to beat bad poker players.

Fake Weakness

Everyone overestimates their ability to play poker. The worst players also believe that they are the best ones at the table. If a player has a false sense of ability like this, it will lead them to believe that they can buy ant pot. These players think that they have the ability to outplay anyone.  So, set the trap for them and they will walk right into it.

When you have a premium hand, you have two options. First, you can check raise the opponent as they will be trying to continuation bet and take the pot. Second, you can put a weak bet out. Make your opponent think that you are making the small stab at the pot. So, when they re-raise you that’s the right time to trap them.

Destroy Weak Bets

A bad player doesn’t want to lose all of its chips with a medium hand. But they feel like they must bet something. If you feel like that the bet is just made because it should be, attack it.  Make a large bet over these weak attempts and you will scare away your opponent and can take down the pot.

Isolate Bad Players

Make bets to force other players out of the pot so you can pay heads- up against the bad player. If you can eliminate other players from the hand, you can reduce the other possibilities of being beat and focus your strategies on how to outplay the bad poker player.

Play Good Hands

These players may be bad and weak, but they are also fish and like to chase draws. Don’t forget that. Before you even decide to tangle with a bad player, make sure you at least have a decent hand. Play those hands aggressive and just make them pay to chase draws.

Take advantage of the novice poker players. They offer many opportunities to pick up extra chips. At times, they will get the best of you, but if you play smarter, you can win in the long run. Poker is a game all about maximizing gains and minimizing losses.  If you can make appropriate plays against them, you will be successful. So just sit back and wait for their gift. They are bound to make mistakes, just hope it’s against you.

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