How to Make Profits in Poker Tournaments in India?

Do you love to play poker tournaments more than cash games? Poker tournaments in India are a retreat if you can keep up with patience and focus as only then you can enjoy yourself when competing in one.  Tournaments are now running on online sites that are highly lucrative and attract professional, amateur and recreational players alike in droves.  They are witnessing the participating of players who hope of turning small investments into huge sums.

Learning poker is easy but it is also not kid’s stuff to navigate through online tournaments. A player should equip himself with hands-on gameplay experience and rules and strategies to find success in tournaments. Below are 4 tips that will help you enjoy tournaments and make profits from them.

Get Ready For a Long Session

The big field tournaments and low buy-in on poker sites take many hours to complete.  It is better to be psyched up to play for a very long time. Work on your patience level and be prepared for a lengthy grind when you go deep in the event. Many poker tournaments start at 7pm and finish at 4am the next morning.  This type of lifestyle is accommodating for the poker pros but if you have a job then consider the work commitments.  Be aware of what you are getting into while registering for big field tournaments.

Value Bet Your Hands

It may sound quite weird but the successful players believe that never run a bluff at any stage of the tournaments.  There are many players who like to play their cards only and do not care about opponents’ hands and gameplay. The main motive is to get to showdown and win the poker championship in India.  In these cases, it is better to play ABC poker and make sure you get maximum value for the hands dealt. You will see that many players are ready to call your bets and you can take advantage of it with strong bankroll.

Balance Your Gameplay

As a poker player, you should follow a balanced approach while playing a large field, small buy-in tournaments. For example, you should vary bets and change the playing style when playing against the pros and follow hit or miss approach when playing less skilled opponents. If you don’t make profits in tournaments you can at least walk with the experience of playing varied hands with different types of players.

Fold Strong Hands

When you are playing online poker tournaments, you may come across weak players who can hit the nuts on the river and you can miss the valuable pot.  If a newbie calls your pre-flop, flop, turn and raises on the river, then there is a high chance that he has hit a premium hand.  So you need to keep yourself prepared to fold strong hands once in a while.

So the next time you plan to play online tournaments, keep these tips in mind to emerge as a long-run winner.

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