How to Increase Concentration at Poker Table?

Concentration is important in all spheres of life especially when you are playing poker. It is a remarkable and rare quality of a successful poker player. Have you just noticed yourself staring at the wall for no reason when you sat initially to play poker online? Many times, right? There are times when you can’t just concentrate in the game. The mind loves freedom and wanders in all directions constantly, driving you away from your game.

Concentration is important to win poker game so you need a high level of concentration. It depends upon the ability to focus. If you focus half an hour, it can be more than enough than an entire day of multitasking and distraction. A high level of concentration in the key of success in everything you will do in your life. So here are some tips to get into a state of deep concentration to accomplish your game successfully.

Fix Your Priorities

Before you commence with your game, first make a list that you have to do and prioritize them so you can have an unoccupied mind. You will not forget anything in this way. Make a list of what is to be done. It will not muddle up your mind and you will be able to play poker smoothly.

Get Rid of Distractions

If you have just placed a bet and your phone rings. You jump towards it to check the emails and an hour later you find yourself browsing through social media.  This is what distraction is.  So to concentrate, you need to get rid of the distractions. So dump the distractions before you sit to play the game.

Use Caffeine Wisely

Many people start their day with traditional caffeinated drinks like tea, coffee etc. Caffeine can provide you with temporary energy boost and help you to focus and concentrate but if it is consumed wisely. So try to avoid excessive consumption.

Stay Hydrated

Many people don’t pay heed to the need of keeping their bodies hydrated.  Dehydration can make you tired, irritable, slow and sick.  When your brain is dehydrated, it cannot function at its best.  So staying hydrated can help you to stay more concentrated.

Concentration Exercises

There are few exercises that can boost your power of concentration like looking at a round spot on wall with full attention, concentrate on opening and closing your fist, fix the gaze on the fingers, yoga, self-hypnosis etc.

Reward Self

Rewarding yourself can be great motivation. Before start to play poker online in India, set a target and promise yourself that if you accomplish, you will reward yourself with something. For instance, if you win some amount, you will take a break and have something special for you.

You can keep the TV on with something interesting, but not consuming or listening to music on iPod to help you get rid of boredom.  It can help the player in the down time and will help you keep a track what’s happening at the poker table.

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