How to Enhance Your Poker Tournament Game

If you have recently switched to tournaments from cash game, then you have come to the right place. Let’s take the example of playing a high-roller tournament. If this is the first poker tournament in India where you have reached the final table and you are all set to make your poker bankroll. Here are the strategies that you should follow to maximize your returns:

Analyze Last Played Tables

As a poker player you need to have a strong sight of poker tells. Try to analyze the opponents before reaching the final table as it will help you gain.  You need to analyze the opponents when the game gets down to the last three tables. Take proper notes on the playing style of your opponents including bluffs, aggression and bet sizes because this will help you play accordingly.

Observe who is playing for Trophy

Are you playing for trophy or for that bigger prize money? While playing at a final table you need to figure out who is playing for first position and who is playing for bankroll building. It will help you decide your own play. You can play many hands with opponents looking forward to make a money finish while you can make big bets only with strong hands against players aiming for the first spot. Furthermore, you can also access the player stats of your opponents on sites.

Be Aware of Stack Sizes

You will experience a wide range of stack sizes in a tournament. It is important to keep a check on the stack sizes of your opponents when you reach the final table because players bet according to their stack size during the final table. The players with smaller stack size will go All-In with medium hands in order to survive and build up their bankroll. The players who play with bigger stacks will raise even if they have the worst hands; and players with medium stack will call the pot and will make a raise only with strong hands. Further, you need to analyze your own stack size, that is, you need to calculate up to how many blinds you could pay before deciding to play loose or tight.

Thus, making to final table is a tough process but if you play poker unprepared, it can cost you hundreds of dollars in live tournaments. Therefore, it is always advisable to gain some experience playing online tournaments in order to understand the dynamics of the tournament play.

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