How to Detect Collusion in Poker?

Have you ever felt cheated while playing poker game online? Have you ever spotted collusion at the table? Poker is a highly competitive game where the winners win large amounts of cash for beating their opponents and online poker is no different. However, cheating is an issue. There are some players who can do anything to increase their chances of winning even if it means resorting to cheating.

It is easier to collude online than to do it live. Most of the cheaters are not skilled enough to get away with it. The poker rooms always have the hand histories with which they can track the colluders down. Still, you should always lookout for the cheaters and to detect them, you need to know what they are doing. Here are three ways players collude.


It is considered as the least problematic form of collusion in cash games. In this, two players usually don’t play aggressively. The reason can be anything-may be friends, but also two strong players familiar with each other. If you play with soft players and observe, it’s not difficult to spot them. They will rarely raise when in a heads-up pot and will frequently check it down through the river even if they have premium Texas Hold’em poker hands.

It is difficult to softplay with any frequency without getting noticed. It looks quite fishy when there is any betting barely in the hand and another player shows Aces and other shows Kings. In tournaments, softplaying is offensive as it delays the one of the cheaters elimination. In fact, this makes it difficult for some of the honest players to make profit.


Here, two or more players team up and cheat on an innocent player. They make an effort not to beat him with the best hand at the showdown, but force them to fold and surrender his chips. Colluders won’t often take the hand all the way to showdown because at least one will have a junk hand. So the whole point of squeeze is not to have the best hand, it is just to get the victim to raise and then fold.

Squeezing is troubling, especially when it is done on the bubble of a single table tournament. With blinds high compared to the chip stacks, every hand is very important.  However, squeezing an opponent out of hand after he raises once can change the game in the cheater’s favor.

Chip dumping

Chip dumping in cash games is for two players to transfer funds to one another. In tournaments, it is to give one of the colluders the upper hand on the rest of the table. Here, one cheater will lose his stack to his partner purposely. When the first one is eliminated, the other cheater has now doubled-up and have a significant advantage. It is not easy to detect chip dumping as it looks like as it is just a one-time thing in any tournament. the dumping can occur in stages, but that’s less likely.

Here we have described three methods of collusion, so that you have the knowledge you need to spot cheating. So, keep these three methods in mind when you are at the poker table. 

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