How to Deal With Downswings in Poker Tournaments

No matter what poker format you play, downswings always hurt. Downswings in poker are the stuff of nightmares as variance increases as more players enter the tournament. Avid players of large field tournaments will experience highs-like winning a WSOP bracelet and devastating lows-like losing for months on end. If you are running bad in the game and feel like you can’t win it, it’s time for rational and reassuring advice. Here are some tips how to deal with downswings when you play poker online in India.

Maintain a Healthy Bankroll

The common mistake made by players is buying into tournaments outside of the bankroll. Given the huge variance in multi-table tournaments, it is important that your bankroll can sustain at least 100 buy –in poker downswings you will experience. If you don’t manage the bankroll carefully, downswings can feel like the end of the world. So have a cushion to fall back on during the rough will help you stay stable emotionally when you graph might not be.

Move Down in Stakes When Necessary

Many players have egos and want to brag about playing high stakes. It is a problem when said the players go through a downswing. It may feel embarrassing but there is no shame to move down in stakes after a downswing. It is a smart decision and you should feel good that you are taking the right steps to avoid going broke. Don’t feel pressured to play tournaments outside of your roll for any reason.

Sell Action

Selling a piece of tournament action is an effective way to reduce variance without having to change the playing habits. When you sell action, the investors get to keep an equal percentage of the profit depending upon how much they have invested. For example, they have invested $100 and you are playing $1,000 buy-in tournament, the investor is entitled to 10% of the winnings.  Selling actions is easy especially if you have friends in the poker community.  If you don’t have, you can sell the action on poker forums amongst the Twitch community or apply to sell on action selling sites.

Avoid selling your action in a risky way. Try to make arrangements with players you can trust or can protect you from the scammers.

Study More

It is normal to lose confidence in the game while on a downswing. Variance may be at the root of downswing but should take some time to review your hands and analyze your strategy.  If you can then don’t hesitate to bring on a second set to look your hands. You can always improve your game and spend few hours reviewing your play and patching your leaks will not only help you to improve the expected ROI but also restore your confidence from the next session.

Downswings have plagued every poker career. You can ask the MTT grinder about its downswings and they will have a story that you can always relate to. If you follow these tips, your bad luck in the game can turn around soon when you play poker online.

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