How to Deal with Bad Beats in Poker

Every poker player faces bad beat while playing Texas Holdem poker hands. No matter you are playing online or offline poker, bad beats are inevitable and the players face that every now and then. Some consider them as an opportunity to improve their game but for some players, losing the pot due to a bad beat is so devastating that it puts them on tilt. Not only amateurs, even experienced players find themselves unable to control their emotions in poker rooms after losing a huge pot due to an unbelievable bad beat.

Online Vs Offline

As online poker is faster than offline version, the player participates in more hands and faces more bad beats as compared to offline poker. You can play on multiple tables at the same time, due to which the number of hand increases as well as the chances to face suck outs. If you want to survive in the world of poker and become a successful player, you need to learn how to deal with tilt inducing bad beats.

How are bad beats blessing in disguise?

Facing bad beats means you invested money into the pot after analyzing the probabilities but your opponent won against the odds. This means the player played properly and made a calculated decision based on statistics. It’s all about maths. It doesn’t sound so bad from a bad player. It tricks and encourages the “fish” to play more and contribute into the pot. There are amateurs who believe in luck than strategies and call or try to hit the draw with any pair of cards and shove all their chips into the pot. If they win, it gives them hope and they start overplaying and try to bring money with weak hands. If bad players never get a chance to win or you scare them away with your taunts and trash-talks when they suck out on you, they will lose interest in the game and you lose a great opportunity to make huge profits.

How to reduce its effect on your mental health and your pocket?

You cannot save yourself from the bad beats but you can minimize its effect by practising strong money management. Play with only that money which you can afford to lose. No poker player is immune from bad beats so they need to learn how to control emotions and handle the situation. Sharing your story may not help you get anything else other than sympathy as most of the players’ already experienced bad beats and understand that they are unavoidable. Take a break, engage and return back when you find yourself mentally strong to give your 100% to the game.

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