How to Control Your Poker in Online Poker Game?

You are an aggressive poker player who like to dominate or a considered participant, controlling the pot effectively is the best way to guarantee success at the table. Choosing when to play poker online real money with a big pot and when not to will help you in a long run towards determining your progress. So in this poker blog here’s a guide to control the pot.

Controlling the Pot

Attack a decent sized kitty when you have a good hand and stick to smaller pots when you have a more marginal hand. But the difficulty is knowing when you have a good hand compared to your opponents, also to determine when is the right time to follow a value strategy.

Tips for Taking Control

Managing the chip stack is inextricably linked to goof pot control. There are some factors that govern this.

Know Your Enemy

Reading your opponents and anticipate their move is a crucial tenet of successful pot control. If the player sitting to your left is passive, then you will find value betting more than you would against an authoritative opponent.  Still, value betting is a useful way of accumulating decent sized pot, but raising and betting at the right time are important to keep the passive player interested.

The unpredictable players are difficult to read. If they are a prolific check raiser or an obvious bluffer, then you need to control the pot to prevent them from dominating proceedings.

Flop Till You Drop

Poker hands are defined by the flop.  Either you will flop a decent hand or won’t, but there are always in which these can be manipulated to ascertain control of the table. It is easier when you are in position i.e.  the first to make the move. Here you can play the role of dominant force whether you want to build a pot or keep it small. You can check and expect that your opponents follow suit. It can be a handy tactic whether you have a marginal hand or a strong one.

If you bet while you are in position, it will help to manage the pot. If you have flopped a good hand and take the control, then it will be a good opportunity to build a large kitty. Calling and waiting for your opponents to follow suit will stand you in good stead.  Be warned that raising pre-turn can discourage them and this is contrary to the principles of pot control.

If you are not in position after the flop, then you are just depending on the activities of your opponents to build the pot. Still you have two choices: check-call. As it will enable you to make more informed decision following the turn or place a bet, hoping that your opponent calls or raises if pot control is in your sights.

Variety is the Spice of Life

In the same way you prefer to play readable opponents than unpredictable sorts, think how your poker personality comes across. Pot control is about sensible aggression at the right time and paying your dues at others. Vary your online poker real money India game so your opponents can’t read you and avoid adopting obvious strategies or patterns of play.

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