How to Be a Pro Poker Player in Sit N Go Tournaments

If you want to play real money poker but didn’t have time to commit to a cash game or MTT, Sit N Go is perfect for you. Sit N Go tournaments differ from MTTs in that the blinds go up quicker and also have fixed number of runners. Once all seats are filled, it’s off to the races.  There is no scheduled start time like MTTs. Here are 6 steps to success in Sit N Go tournaments in this blog.

Sit Tight at the Start

During the early stages in real money online poker game, play tight and stick to good hands when the blinds are small. Small pots aren’t worth the effort and you want the players to notice when you bet aggressively later. Play big hands and fold everything else.

Watch for Hands with Potential

Some hands can really surprise you sometimes.  Small pairs, aces with a suited kicker and suited connectors could turn into a major hand, so be prepared to play them. If a payer raises or the flop doesn’t bring anything useful, you need to fold.

Bet Big on Big Pairs

Big pairs like king, queens and aces are your real friend. If few players have limped in (called the big blind) ahead of you, then you should raise to double the amount in the pot. With they will fold and you will pick up the cash or they will make a mistake and try to raise you with a weaker hand. If they have aces and you have kings, then its bad luck, but statistically the odds are small enough to risk it.

Seize the Moment

If the flop brings you a big hand, then act on it. A lot of them will call you with top pair, even if the kicker isn’t up to much. If you have two pair and a high kicker, just make your move. If you check and some other player bets, then raise big and move all-in. They will fold and give you a nice pot or typically call even though they have got a one in three chance of winning.

Get Aggressive

When short-handed like down to three or four players, it’s time to get in and raise whenever you can, as the blinds get bigger, you just can’t wait for a solid hand. Raise and re-raise in the right position, followed by aggressive play after the flop when you have made a hand, it’s the way to get through to final.

Finishes them Off

When it’s between two of them, you need to crank things up again, raising until your rival has nowhere left to run. Most of the time they don’t have a hand and if your stack is big enough, that could be all you need. If you are someone being chased, a big re-raise should stop them in their tracks. A top pair is all you need against one player, so go ahead and just win it.

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