How to Be a Good Poker Player with Personality Traits

Earlier people who play poker were considered as gamblers throwing away their money. But now things have changed a lot and there are people who have proven that you can make a successful career in poker online games. Here are 6 personality traits that make a good poker player.

Good Judgement

Different people emphasize different traits, but good judgment is an essential one. It links to other important traits and without it, others become less relevant.  You should also be able to judge the situation, be realistic about skills, capable of setting realistic and challenging goals and more.


Succeeding in poker isn’t different to succeeding in another competitive environment. You need a lot of dedication to reach your goal. The best players didn’t get by luck, they got there by learning new things and learning for new ways to improve their strategy. To become a good player you need to make a lot of sacrifice and determination.


If you want to become a good player, you have to spend a lot of time doing just nothing, waiting for good spots and folding your hands. It can be boring especially on days when you are getting no playable hands. The easiest thing to do is start playing when you know you shouldn’t as you can’t take it anymore. To be a successful player, you need to stay patient all the time and wait for your spots. Start splashing around and you will be looking for the exit sign.

Ability to Learn from Mistakes

It is a tricky one as we all are defensive about our mistakes and don’t admit it.  In poker, this is an essential trait.  Your mistakes can cost you a lot of money. If you are not open to fix it, then you will be banging your head against the wall. So learn from your mistakes.


The good players fall victim to their inability to adapt.  Poker is a game that’s all being able to figure out the situation you find yourself in, sizing your opponents quickly and putting them in certain mental categories. There is no such right way to play the game.  There are fundamental rules and principles, but to be a good player you need to think outside the box and adjust the principles according to what’s going on around you.

Money Management

Money management is another trait for poker success. It isn’t difficult to learn as long as you are willing to commit. There are good resources that explain how to manage your money in the best way in regards to the stakes and games you play. Don’t think this as something optional. It is crucial to have good bankroll management as if you don’t you will be lowering your chance of success.

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