How to Avoid Getting Bluffed in Online Poker

Online Poker

The act of bluffing in poker is shown negatively by the movie industry that it is considered to be against the rules of the game. You would be surprised to know that bluffing is an element which is important to a poker game.
The main objective of every online poker player around the table is to win. Bluffing in poker is the art of deceiving your opponents and it is used by professionals to beat their opponents when they are not in good position to win the game. This is because of using the art of deception called bluffing that many have won a game of poker that was going in favor of your opponent.

You can say that the act of bluffing is to confuse others by faking a move and his facial expressions and it is legal to do this. The art of bluffing can be used by your opponent while playing the game. In order to avoid being lured or deceived by your opponent in making the wrong move, it is important to spot the bluff where cash is on stake. Here are some tips that can help you to spot bluff in cash game and avoid getting bluffed where money is on stake. Here are 3 tips that can help you to spot bluff:

Keep an Eye

When you are playing poker if your opponent is trying to draw cards from bottom pair, he might think of drawing a set when the turn comes. The player should use the technique of bluffing knowing that you have not made a pair yet and come out as a winner during the showdown. So make it a point to keep an eye for semi-bluffs Knowing that he doesn’t have a strong hand, if the other player is still betting then it is an indication that he would bluff in the next turn.

Catch the Intimidating Moves

If your opponent is about to bluff, then it would be natural for him to appear intimidating so he can force you to fold the hand away. His intimidating moves can be in the form of verbal outburst, throwing chips or long stare. If you catch any of these activities, it can be an indication that his next move would be a bluff game.

Keen Observation

It is important to observe keenly the tactics of all the players with whom you are going to play poker. Before you sit across a poker table with any player, devote the time to get some insights into his gameplay. It will help you to prepare yourself to understand and know when the player is going to use the technique of bluffing when playing in real with you. So you should notice every move of your opponent very minutely, note down when he bluffed while playing the game with others. Read them carefully and their body movements. He will give some clue definitely which you have to keep in mind while playing poker.

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