How Thinking Like a Poker Player Can Boost Your Career

The pro poker players usually don’t wait for the good things to come their way. They just go out and make them happen.  In order to be a winning player, you need to master the skill, psychology, and strategy.  It’s not only about a well-timed gamble.  But what does this have to do with your job career? Research on successful players shows that approaching the game in the right way is what separates the poker stars from the suckers. These same traits can separate the workplace high-flyers from everyone else. So let’s start thinking like a top Texas Holdem poker pro and treat your career like a game that you intend to win.

Learn From the Mistakes

We all make mistakes at work. But what you are going to do about it? In poker, a player who doesn’t learn from their mistakes is always a losing player. The best players can learn from their own mistakes and this is what makes them the best.  Follow this advice and identify where you are going wrong.  Don’t deny your error.  Embrace it.  So every time you learn from your mistake and improve your skills, you will make yourself a stronger candidate for promotion.

Stay Disciplined

Losing self-discipline and focus at work is one of the easiest things. We all get complacent and all lapse into bad habits.  Freddie Gasparian, a poker player says that to master poker and make it profitable, you should master discipline and patience as lack of either is a disaster. His advice is quite clear i.e. don’t switch off and don’t let your concentration lapse.  The margin between losing and winning can be fine in a game.  Lack of discipline can be disastrous so stay sharp.  Be disciplined about maintaining a routine that is conducive to good work.  Try to form good habits, get enough sleep, maintain a calm, stay hydrated and organized work environment.

Keep a Level Head

In a game like a poker, losing your temper is worse than losing your concentration.  Lack of focus can make you sloppy. But if you lose your cool, it can lead to erratic, ruinous and reckless play.  A poker player, William J. Florence sums up it nicely that you should never lose your temper, not with those you are playing with or with your cards.  It is a sentiment echoed by many players.  Katy Lederer says that the cardinal sin in poker is becoming emotionally involved. Playing free poker games isn’t a game for hotheads.  It takes cool thinking to reach the top of the game. So stay level headed about workplace frustrations and setbacks.

Make Winning Decisions, Not Unlucky Decisions

Sometimes you get lucky at your job. It’s great but hot streaks also don’t last. In order to be successful in your workplace, you should start thinking about success like a poker player. The player thinks about winning decisions and not just winning the money.  If you can make good decisions, it leads to something called positive expected value. It means that making good decisions objectively instead of decisions that turn out good- you will be a winner in the long term. So start thinking about the expected value at work. Are they negative or positive? Can you justify that you are making a good call or just hoping to get lucky?

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