How the Indian Poker Scene has Changed so much in the Last Few Years?

Indian poker

For Indians, poker used to be a game they have only heard about in Hollywood movies and have seen interesting mystery plots in such movies. It isn’t that Indians did not know how to play the game, quite a few people did, but the consensus used to be that way. Therefore, having a variety of the game or simply getting the chance to become part of a bigger universe is quite exciting for the people of the country. This is why; Indian poker and its growing popularity have been something getting into limelight over the last few years. 

What the picture used to be? 

Anyone who has been associated with card games in India and the industry revolving around the same will be able to vouch for one fact and that is, a few years ago, poker wasn’t even consider something worth spending time over and people used to think of this game as something shameful. There are still people who think that playing card games, especially the ones which are often played with money are not something nice to be associated with. 

A change is taking place and that is nice 

These thoughts and scenarios are changing and pretty fast. In the last few years, the number of professional poker players have doubled up and a large section of these players are women. These payers are not only keeping the poker scene in the country alive, but they are also making the world take note of their presence and prowess. For a country where card games and women playing card games used to be a taboo, such development is impressive to say the least. Today, some of the biggest names in the industry are from India and a considerable number of them are women. 

Looking at just transcribed history won’t help 

It is quite surprising, especially for someone who is merely going through the history of poker in India. To them everything has been just written and it will seem like taking a leap from somewhere and reaching somewhere else. That is not the case though. The reality has been quite different though. It has been interesting and exciting a journey where people have initiated and accomplished the transition slowly. Nothing happened all of a sudden. The first women poker player of the country decided to become a professional and despite proving her skills, she had to fight a hard battle to reach where she is today. 

How everyone is taking extra interest in the subject 

More and more businesses and individuals have now understood both the appeal of the game and the hidden business opportunity. This is why; prominent business houses are investing in creating their own team of poker players. New companies and businesses are coming up every day and together they are helping the poker playing industry in India to grow bigger and more prominent. Adding the online version of the game, this industry has made one of the smartest decisions. Today, online poker is not just a way to spend time for these people, it is also the way to earn some extra cash. 

The lockdown has been a positive factor for the industry 

The temptation of winning money has always been there in poker, but this pandemic and lockdown has made it a reality. Before this time too, people were playing poker online and winning money, but during these months of being coped up at home, it seems the interest of people has grown exponentially. This way, people are getting entertained, they are getting to hone their skills and earn money, while boosting the poker industry in India significantly. 

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