How the Business World is a Poker Game?

Running your business can feel a lot like gambling. It is risky but the successful owners understand that the rewards can outweigh the risks. Learning how to play poker online in India will help to maximize your potential for success. Knowing your strengths, personality, risk tolerance and weakness can help you to make better informed decision in the business world. There are pros and cons to every style you play but if you can identify which player or business owner you resemble the most.

The Amateur-Tight and Passive

You can easily identify this player at the table and likely be bullied by experienced players. You are perhaps working 9 to 5 when dreaming of business ownership, but in real you never take real steps to get there. Going off on your own represents real risk and it is scary. It is safer not to bet and definitely not to bluff and to rely on a safer way to earn and keep your money. You can’t lose what you can’t put in. Remember you will also not win big either.  The extreme swings of business ownership might not be for you but if you are looking forward to playing a hand day, take tips from other player types below.

The Calling Station- Loose and Passive

This type of player is eternally optimistic. They always want to stay in the hand, want to see the next card and never want to let go of what is already invested in the pot. You are maniac’s worst nightmare as they keep raising you and keep right on calling, refusing to succumb. Although it keeps you in the action, the downfall is you continue to play poker online whether your hand is weak or strong.   It is good to get you out of the comfort zone but your inability and inexperience to spot the risk can get better of you.  Once you are pot committed you will have to go on a risky venture though you know you hand got cracked.

The Maniac- Loose and Aggressive

This player will best aggressively and constantly and will likely bluff as well. You are trying to make others uncomfortable so you can run them down. This style is employed best when you are deep stacked, perhaps you have a small fortune or other businesses and can play around with new ventures more loosely. Here the advantage is you are able to spot opportunities that others would not see.  Many successful owners could be categorized as maniacs or have some tendencies.  If you are not trying to grow and advance your business, competition can easily swoop and take the pot that is yours. Of course, it can be the most dangerous way to start or run a business. If you don’t have the knowledge, funds, or confidence to back yourself, you can wind up busted and broke on the street corner.

Once you have identified you’re playing style, you will be able to arm yourself with skills that will set you apart from others.

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