How Poker Can be Life Long Learning Experience

Poker is a fascinating game. A game of psychology, probability, strategy and a bit of chance.  Online poker real money strips  the game down to its essentials and besides the luck factor it brings the game to being about the player.

Every hand you play is about what you do and reasons for doing so whether you need to call, check, raise or fold. Are you raising because you want your opponents to call or want them to fold?  Most likely you were hoping for a re-raise as they attempt a bluff or should slow play they hand to keep others in the hand. Most of the time you should just fold your cards.

Every hand is different and need a big bag of tricks to handle unique and difficult situations. So where does that big bag of tricks come from? Obviously experience. Experience requires a lot of time at the poker table.  The learning curve takes time and also can be expensive.  The online poker players need to pace themselves and play without losing much money.  So start small and slowly, work your way up to larger stakes games.

The new online poker player should start out on free tables. It is one of the best arenas to learn the basics and see many hands. It is important to realize that free poker is a different game than poker for real money.  Playing with money, the players are more willing to play hands they should be folding. It is true for both you and the opponents.

After playing free poker for some time, the new online poker player will begin  to understand what types of hands win more often. They will begin to play them in such a way to maximize the profits from winning hands.  They will realize that to stay ahead you should fold a lot of hands. Meager hands don’t win enough to cover the frequent losses from these types of hands.

At this stage, the player should realize that he is playing against others who are throwing their free play money around like it is, well, play money. It is important to develop strategies to cope with the player that will call any raise or bet because they are playing to have fun. Developing these skills will become profitable when playing for real money.

New online poker player has experience and few tricks up their sleeve. It’s time to venture onto the real money tables. They expect to lose the money at first. The transition is difficult as the game drastically changed with real money on the table.  Start at the lowest stakes tables and expect to stay for longer than you think.

Real money online poker game can be a lifelong learning experience. It can influence your life outside poker as well.  Knowing when to show your cards or holdback or bluffing is a part of life and interacting with people personally or in business. So be patient and play your cards when the opportunities arise.  The learning curve never ends.

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