How Different Poker Players Behave with Opponents

Indian Poker

How do you classify the opponents on the poker table? We are not talking about styles of play such as LAG, TAG, calling station, Rock here.  You can also categorize the players other than betting patterns on the basis of how they behave with the opponents on the poker table. 

A poker room is strange but also an interesting place where you can find people with unusual personalities.  Understanding the behavior pattern of other players can help you categorize them, predict their next move, and develop the best strategy to bust them.  So here is a list of general personality patterns of players you can find on the Indian poker table. 

  1. Newbies

The unskilled players with little knowledge of the game but with the drive to improve and master the game.  They have lots of energy but lack of confidence that makes them vulnerable players on the table.  They are very easy to spot and considered as the easiest target as they are clueless about strategies and tend to give away tells easily with expressions and body language. 

  1. Socializers

The cheerful players on the table who loves coffee housing.  No matter how many times he loses, he will never show any traces of stress or nervousness on his smiling face. These players believe in enjoying the game by keeping a positive approach and forming a good relationship with other players. 

  1. The watchers

 The mysterious players who speak little but also observe table action quietly to study his opponents. They are equipped usually with sunglasses and headphones; they never show any interest in table conversations which makes them really hard. 

  1. Destroyers

Players who take the game seriously and sit on the table with the intention to destroy other’s game by any means.  The highly ambitious players who don’t hesitate to accept challenges and risk everything to achieve their desired goal to win the pot. Usually, they are ruthless competitors who use different techniques like swearing, gawping, scolding, etc. to assess the level of skills and experience of their opponents and create a game against them. 

  1. Wizards

They are not magicians but are good players who know how to turn the odds in their favor in the unfavorable circumstances. They know the importance of waiting for the right moment to make their move.  These players are pros with years of experience who can notice a tell easily and quickly as compared to other players. 

  1. Jabbers

The Indian poker online players who love to manipulate their opponents verbally to intimidate and exploit them. They know how to use their wits to distract the players and find out their weaknesses.  They can make blustery remarks to make them feel miserable with the goal to put them on tilt or scare them out of the pot. 

As a player can exhibit multiple types of behavior depending on the situation of the table. The above characterization may not be fully accurate but will help you to understand the psychology of other players and develop strategies against them. 

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