How Amateurs Can Play Poker Professionally

There are many poker secrets pros don’t want amateurs know about. Succeeding in this game over the long haul is really difficult. This is why only few players do it. If you want to excel in this game, you need to ask yourself how bad you want it and how much effort you are willing to put in.

Professional Indian poker players have lots of secrets about how they play and don’t want the amateurs to discover those secrets. So, here are some tips that allow them to get ahead and keep winning consistently. Most of them continue to break even or lose and complain about their bad luck.  Let’s dive into the top 5 poker secrets that most pros don’t want you to know.

It’s Not About the Cards

Amateurs mostly focus on the cards they are dealt. They get frustrated if they get bad cards for a period of time. However, the pros know that the majority of hands in Hold’em do not go to showdown. So, why does it even matter what do you have? The biggest poker secret that poker pros use to abuse the amateurs is to hammer on them in position and use the position to bluff them out of the pot.

Never Show a Bluff

Pros never show a bluff. While the amateurs love to display their 72 offsuit when they bluff some player and have a good chuckle about it. But pros know it better than to give out free information like this. It’s better to let the doubt fester in opponent’s mind about you are bluffing them or not. Poker is a game of war. So, don’t give your opponent any free information.

Make Your Own Luck

The next secret that pros knows than most players is you need to make your own luck in this game. For instance, they know it is easily possible to run bad for 100k or more hands. The tournament pro players know that you can even go years without winning big. Most of the players focus on one or two unlucky hands from recent poker sessions and proceed to lose their mind.

The 10 Percent of Players

Another secret that pros know is that the majority of their winnings comes from that 10 percent of the players. These are huge whales, fun players, fish and whatever you want to call. If you play online and use a HUD, then players who are playing 40 percent or more hands, chasing every terrible draw and so on. The pros would rather not play than sit in a game without one of these players in it. As they know that this is where the cash is coming from.

Fold Your Aces

One of the major reasons why amateur Indian poker online players lose is because they just want big hand like pocket kings or pocket aces. Pros know it better. They know what KK and AA are just one pair and they can routinely get beat. It is really important to learn to get away from big overpairs sometimes. It is especially the case on wet board textures against tight passive opponents.

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